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Phillip Daigle is a mystery and historical fiction author best known for his novels "Canvas of Secrets, "Tides of Acadia" and "The Acadian." His storytelling, rich in historical detail, draws readers into the vivid past, offering immersive narratives that speak to the struggles and triumphs of its people. Phillip's commitment to historical fiction is a testament to his love for history and skill in crafting compelling, character-driven stories that reanimate the past for modern readers.

Phillip Daigle AUTHOR


Coming on June 15, 2024

Canvas of Secrets

Introducing the latest novel from Phillip Daigle. ”Canvas of Secrets." is a mystery, intricately woven through the perspectives of four individuals, each deeply entangled in the enigmatic life and perplexing death of renowned artist Amelia Hart. This tale is set during the cultural revolution of the late 1960s in the Laguna Beach art colony.

        Each chapter peels back layers of secrets, pieced together through these divergent yet converging viewpoints, crafting a mosaic of truth that questions loyalty, ambition, and the haunting power of unresolved history. "Canvas of Secrets" entices the reader with a kaleidoscope of human experience, setting an evocative stage for mystery, historical fiction, and the timeless complexities of the human heart.

In the early 17th century, the wild, untamed lands of Acadia, now Eastern Canada, were a contested territory between the French and the English and the indigenous people who inhabited the region. Amidst this turbulent time, three individuals stand out: Charles La Tour, Francoise Jacquelin, and Menou Daulnay. Their stories intertwine in a complex web of loyalty, love, and betrayal in the historical drama Tides of Acadia.

Tides of Acadia brings to life the rich tapestry of culture, politics, and personal drama that defined this pivotal era in North American history. The central characters, Charles La Tour, Francoise Jacquelin, and Menou Daulnay, are portrayed with depth and complexity, offering a nuanced exploration of their motivations, desires, and sacrifices in the name of love, loyalty, and ambition. Sweeping scope and rich detail make this vibrant historical drama an unforgettable journey through the heart of Acadia and the lives of the extraordinary people who fought for its future.

The Acadian is the story of an underdog who thrives by never giving up.


In the mid-17th century, the region of Acadia (today’s Canadian Maritime Provinces) was a disputed territory, claimed by both England and France. This expanse of untouched forests and clear rivers is the homeland of the Mi'kmaq people. The French settlers had fostered a harmonious relationship with the Indigenous inhabitants. However, Massachusetts Militiamen controlled the four Acadian forts.

Olivier, an indentured servant from France, finds himself in Acadia. Craving the thrill of the fur trade, he escapes his master's control. His life takes a sharp turn when he observes a brutal act carried out by renegade English soldiers. Prompted by Atahocam, a Mi'kmaw warrior seeking vengeance for his murdered family, Olivier becomes embroiled in the ensuing conflict.


884 Katella St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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