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The Acadian is the story of an underdog who thrives by never giving up.

In the mid-17th century, the region of Acadia, sandwiched between Boston and Newfoundland, is a disputed territory, claimed by both England and France. This expanse of untouched forests and clear rivers is the homeland of the Mi'kmaw tribe. The French settlers have fostered a harmonious relationship with the Indigenous inhabitants. However, Massachusetts Militiamen currently control the four Acadian forts.

Olivier, an indentured servant from France, finds himself in Acadia. Craving the thrill of the fur trade, he escapes his master's control. His life takes a sharp turn when he observes a brutal act carried out by renegade English soldiers. Prompted by Atahocam, a Mi'kmaw warrior seeking vengeance for his murdered family, Olivier becomes embroiled in the ensuing conflict. Although he yearns for a settled life with a wife, children, and his own land, Olivier is continually lured back to the treacherous wilderness each winter, putting his dreams and family at risk.


If you enjoy historical fiction and Native American literature like Barkskins, you'll enjoy The Acadian. Buy it now.

The Acadian: Olivier (The Origins of Acadia Series Book 2) Paperback Book

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